Adding Classes

Need to add a class to your schedule? We've got you covered. Students may add classes on their own through the first week of the term.

After the first week of the term, students must obtain both the instructor's signature and their advisor's signature to add any classes.

How do I add a class?

  1. Log on to Pathway
  2. Select Manage Classes
  3. Select the Enrollment dropdown
  4. Select Add a Class
  5. You may search for the class using the Class Search feature or by entering the class number in the Class Number box if you already know it.
  6. When you find the class you want, select the Select button. On the next page, check the Enrollment Requirements and Class Notes to make sure you want that section of the course. Select the Next button.
  7. This places the class in your enrollment shopping cart. Placing classes in your enrollment shopping cart does not guarantee you a spot in the class until you finish enrolling in the class.
    • If you later decide to not take a class, make sure to remove it from your shopping cart so the system does not automatically enroll you.
    • If a class is full and has a waitlist, you may add yourself to the waitlist by attempting to add the class. If there is space on the waitlist, you will be added to it.
  8. Once you have all the classes you want in your enrollment shopping cart, select the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.
  9. Review your classes one last time and select Finish Enrolling.
  10. You will get a green checkmark for each class you have successfully added. If you do not get to the green checkmark, you are not enrolled in the class yet.
    • If a class is full or you don't meet the prerequisites, you will get a red X. You may need to select a different class.

Get more detailed instructions (PDF)

More information about adding classes

Need more information about adding classes? Check out some of our other how-to guides or contact us.

Schedule Planner is a web-based application accessible from Pathway that allows students and academic advisors to generate optimized variations of class schedules, taking into account the student's desired breaks and schedule conflicts as well as course availability.

Review these resources to get more information about using Schedule Planner.

  1. Print an add/drop form (PDF)add/drop form typeable (PDF), get one from Registration and Records or get one from the student services/advising office in your academic unit.
  2. Fill out the add/drop form with the class that needs to be added.
  3. Bring the add/drop form to Registration and Records, mail, fax, email or upload in the Secure File Uploader.

Registration and Records
5115 Oak Street
Administrative Center, room 115
Kansas City, MO 64112
Fax: 816-235-5513
Secure File Upload: Upload through Pathway Student Center, click the Secure File Upload box and follow prompts

If a class is limited to a specific population of students, you may have to get permission to add it to your schedule. The department offering the course can enter this permission in Pathway so you can register yourself, or they can sign off on an add/drop form (PDF), add/drop form typeable (PDF).

Graduate students who wish to enroll in undergraduate courses, regardless of how these courses count towards a graduate degree program, are required to complete the Undergraduate Course Authorization form (PDF).

Learn more about Graduate Enrollment policies

Some classes may have wait lists available in Pathway. If the class is full, and the wait list is available, it will be indicated on the Schedule of Classes with a yellow triangle. To add yourself to the wait list, follow the procedure to add the class. To remove yourself from the wait list, you need to follow the same steps for dropping a class.

If space becomes available prior to the start of the term, the system will attempt to add you to the class. You will be notified via your UMKC e-mail address as to whether you were added to the class. If you no longer wish to be registered for the class, please drop the class via Pathway.

If the system encounters one or more registration errors when attempting to add you to the course, an e-mail notification will be sent providing the registration error the system encountered. The system will attempt to add the next person to the wait list, but you will not lose your position on the wait list. Please note that we are not currently able to report more than one registration error in the e-mail notification even if you have multiple registration issues. Possible registration errors:

  • Time Conflict: If you are enrolled for another class at the same time as your waitlisted class, the automatic enrollment process will skip you.
  • Max hours exceeded: If enrolling in the waitlisted class would put you over your term credit hour limit (17 hours for most undergraduate students), the automatic enrollment process will skip you.
  • Registration hold: If you have a registration hold on your account, the automatic enrollment process will skip you.
  • Enrollment Requirement: If you do not meet the enrollment requirement for the course, the automatic enrollment process will skip you. For example passing the appropriate math placement exam,passing the WEPT exam or if you must be admitted into a specific major (Chemistry, Business, Nursing, etc.) to enroll in the course.

To view where you are on the wait list navigate to Self Service, select Student Center, then select the My Class Schedule link. If you are on a wait list, the status for the class will be "Waiting" and a Waitlist Position number will be displayed. If you are in position 1, that means you are first on the list and will be first to be enrolled if space becomes available.

If you have not been automatically added to the class by the third day of the term, the only option for adding the class is getting special permission from the instructor. The instructor will need to sign-off on an add/drop form (PDF), add/drop form typeable (PDF) and you will need to bring it in-person to the Registration & Records office to add the course.

Review detailed wait list instructions (PDF)

Students can add classes via Pathway through the first week of the semester. After that, they must get an instructor signature to add a class late. The steps for getting officially enrolled in a class after the first week are:

  1. Print an add/drop form (PDF), add/drop form typeable (PDF) or pick one up from the Registration and Records Office or the student services/advising office in your academic unit.
  2. Fill out the add/drop form with the class that needs to be added.
  3. Have the instructor for the class initial in the "Late Add" box and sign on the end of the line for that class.
  4. Have your academic advisor sign the form at the bottom.
  5. Bring the add/drop form to Registration and Records to be manually put in the class. You can also mail or fax the add/drop form if you are unable to bring it by in person.

Registration and Records
5115 Oak Street
Administrative Center, room 115
Kansas City, MO 64112
Fax: 816-235-5513

If you attempt to register for a class and receive a red X indicating the class could not be added, it also gives you a message to tell you why the class could not be added. The possible messages and how to resolve each is listed below.

  • Access denied. You have not granted your consent to do business with the University online. Click on the UM E-consent link in the blue Pathway menu, grant consent, and re-log in to Pathway.
  • This is not a valid class number. The class number is the 5-digit reference number that tells the computer which section of a particular course you want to enroll in (e.g. 45678). Spring class numbers all begin with the number 1, summer class numbers begin with a 3 and fall class numbers begin with a 4.
  • You have already taken this class. You have now exceeded the repeatable limit for this class. Verify that this class will apply toward your course of study. This is only a warning message. You have been enrolled in the class, but you should double-check with your advisor that it will count toward your degree. If you are retaking a class to improve your GPA, you must complete a form in the Registration and Records Office for the previous grade to be removed from your GPA.
  • You have a hold on your record. The hold on your record must be removed before this transaction can be processed. To view the holds on your record, click on the Notifications tile then on Holds.

Learn how to view your holds (PDF)

  • Unable to add this class—prerequisites have not been met. Check the class description for a list of enrollment requirements. Some classes are restricted to students in specific majors or require a minimum number of credit hours completed. Select the class number on the online class search for information on prerequisites for a particular class.
  • Unable to complete your request. You do not have access to perform this transaction
    at this time. There are multiple reasons you might see this message:
    • Your registration appointment time has not yet arrived.
    • You have not yet been admitted to UMKC. Contact the Admissions office at 816-235-1111.
    • Open registration is over. To add classes, you will need to complete an add/drop form and obtain a signature from each instructor.
  • Unable to add this class—term maximum exceeded. Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of units or courses allowed for this term. You are trying to enroll in more credit hours than is permitted by your academic unit. See your academic advisor to request permission to take more hours.
  • You cannot drop this class. Dropping this class would put you below the minimum required units. You may not drop all of your classes on Pathway. To drop all of your classes, you must complete an exit interview questionnaire.


  • Athletes must get a signature from the Athletic Student Services office to drop below full-time.
  • International students must get a signature from the International Student Affairs office to drop below full-time.