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Seven Things You Need to Know About Clancy Martin

Philosophy professor shares life insights and the subject of his latest book

Keep Your Car’s Catalytic Converter Safe

UMKC Police Provide Advice

Philosophy Professor, Founder of Honors Program, Celebrated

UMKC recognizes Bruce Bubacz with Spotlight Award

Pete Buttigieg Visits UMKC To Announce $10 Million Grant

The grant will reinforce the university as an innovator in environmental transportation

Advocating a Path to New Scholarships and Successful Careers in Law School

UMKC School of Law Campaign for Advocates is making a difference

Jazz Studies Professor Featured on Grammy-Nominated Album

Carl Allen is the drummer on a record nominated for Best Large Jazz Ensemble

“Not only is Dr. Grieco inspiring, but she pushes me to my full potential. I don’t think I would have done any of this research work if it wasn’t for her." - Victoria Dominguez '22

Victorial Dominguez and Viviana Grieco