CAFE Faculty Awards Calendar

Please let us know if you would like to add a University award opportunity or have updated information for any of the awards listed below. New opportunities will be added as they become available. Email:

Please Note: The availability and timing of these awards can change. CAFE will make every attempt to keep this information as accurate as possible.  If you are aware of changes to these awards or their schedules, please email the updates.



  • Early Career Faculty Award
    The Early Career Faculty Award program is funded by the Emeritus College endowment. Awards of $1000 are granted to faculty early in their careers, typically but not exclusively tenure-track assistant professors. 
  • N.T. Veatch Award for Distinguished Research and Creativity
    The N.T. Veatch Award recognizes distinguished research and other scholarly or creative activity accomplished by UMKC faculty. All full-time, regular faculty members who have been at UMKC for at least three years are eligible to be nominated.
  • UMKC Trustees’ Faculty Fellowship Awards
    The UMKC Trustees' Faculty Fellowship recognizes faculty who have distinguished themselves through scholarship and creativity. Recipients are expected to serve as role models, mentor and encourage other faculty members and students in pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
    UMKC’s highest honor for excellence in teaching will recognize and celebrate UMKC faculty who are consistently superior teachers at the graduate, undergraduate or professional level over an extended period of time.

  • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring
    This award will recognize UMKC graduate faculty advisors with a long-established career at the University who have made significant contributions to higher education through exceptional mentoring. 

  • Chancellor’s Early Career Award for Excellence in Teaching
    This award recognizes and celebrates UMKC assistant professors who have achieved excellence in teaching early in their professional careers.

  • Norman Royall Distinguished Research Award (CAS) and Norman Royall Teaching Award for Non-Tenure Track faculty (CAS)
    As one of the highest forms of recognition in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Royall awards will reward faculty committed to research excellence, creativity, instruction and interdisciplinarity.

  • Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
    This award recognizes and celebrates teaching excellence among UMKC clinical and teaching faculty.

  • Chancellor’s Award for Career Contributions to the University
    One of UMKC’s highest honors to a University employee (faculty or staff) who has made significant contributions to higher education at UMKC over the course of his or her career and has significantly enhanced the mission of the University.

  • Chancellor’s Award for Embracing Diversity
    This award recognizes and celebrates UMKC faculty, staff and registered student organizations engaging in UMKC’s Strategic Plan Pillar 4: Foster an Environment of Invigorating Multiculturalism, Globalism, Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Community Engagement
    This award recognizes and celebrates faculty, staff, units and campus organizations that have made engagement with the community a central aspect of their approach to student learning and scholarship.

  • Elmer F. Pierson Good Teaching Award
    Awarded annually to outstanding teachers in the Bloch School and Schools of Dentistry, Law and Medicine.



  • CAFÉ Fellowship
    The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFÉ) fellows support and promote the research, accomplishments and professional lives of faculty across UMKC by developing and offering a variety of programs and resources. Fellows directly contribute to one or more of the following pillars: Teaching and Learning; Service and Engagement; Research and Creativity; and Faculty Life and Leadership.

  • The Alumni Good Teaching Award (CAS); The Dean's Outstanding Teaching Award (CAS); and The Outstanding Teaching Award (CAS)
    To recognize and celebrate outstanding instructors in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Francis M. Bernardin Research Development Grants (CAS)
    Each year, the College will award 5 grants to promote faculty research. The Bernardin grants, available to all UMRB-eligible faculty, will provide course buy-out monies for faculty applying for research grants. These awards will be paid directly to the department to cover a one-course teaching reduction. Faculty are expected to use the course reduction to prepare, complete and submit a research proposal.

  • Haskell Distinguished Teaching Award (CAS)
    In recognition of the Haskell family and their significant contributions to UMKC, the College of Arts and Sciences announces the Haskell Distinguished Research Awards. Each year, the College will allocate awards to support the completion of a scholarly project or creative work.


  • The Funding for Excellence (FFE) Program
    FFE is an institutionally-funded grant program to support the highest level of research, scholarship and creative endeavors by UMKC faculty. FFE grants are awarded once a year, on a competitive basis, by a decision of the UMKC Research Advisory Council.

  • Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship
    The C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship Award recognizes a University of Missouri System faculty member who demonstrates commitment, dedication and effectiveness in advancing the land-grant mission through extension, international education and agricultural economics programs. The fellowship is presented to a faculty member who personifies the creativity, vision and leadership exhibited by the late Dr. C. Brice Ratchford, president emeritus of the University of Missouri System and dean of cooperative extension. Our information indicates that this call for nomination will go out November 1, though the System webpage has not been updated with this information yet.

  • The Thomas Jefferson Award
    The Thomas Jefferson Award recognizes faculty who rise above excellence and demonstrate
    clear distinction in teaching, research, writing, creative activities and service to the
    University of Missouri System and humankind. Our information indicates that this call for nomination will go out November 1, though the System webpage has not been updated with this information yet.


  • 2022 Zimmer Award - Deadline December 31, 2021
    The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Education is now accepting nominations for the Hugh J. Zimmer Award for Excellence in Urban Education. In the spirit of Mr. Zimmer’s influence on urban education, we seek to honor people who have influenced systematic and broad-reaching change on urban education through policy development, program design and implementation and/or philanthropy.


  • Curators’ Distinguished Professorships and Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professorships
    A Curators’ Distinguished Professorship is the highest and most prestigious academic rank awarded by the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri. It is awarded to a select few “outstanding scholars with established reputations.” Each Curators’ Distinguished Professor becomes a “resource of the entire University and should be expected to contribute to the entire University through such activities as giving lectures on other campuses and engaging in teaching and research across divisional lines.” 

  • Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers, Scholars and Artists
    Excellent faculty mentors of undergraduate researchers, scholars, and artists who: Promote successful completion and showcasing of students’ research, scholarly, or creative work; Commit to advancing students’ long-term professional development - throughout their journey from student to professional; Ensure that students master the content and skills of their discipline, including the ability to present their work at both internal and external venues; Direct and connect students to resources necessary to take full advantage of academic and professional opportunities and enable students by helping them to develop their own local and national networks.