Start planning your transition to UMKC with our transfer guide documents, created specifically for your institution.

Transfer guides help you plan your classes now for a seamless transfer to UMKC later. They are detailed, undergraduate four-year course outlines that inform you on the classes you should take and when to take them at both your initial institution and upon transfer to UMKC.

However, your path to graduation may vary based on factors such as college credit earned while in high school and placement in mathematics. You are responsible for checking prerequisites to any courses and ensuring all program requirements are met.

Read our Gen Ed guide for transfers (PDF)

The guides are not a substitute for academic advising. All students should meet with an adviser at their institution prior to transfer to UMKC, as well as with an adviser in their major at UMKC upon transfer.

Transfer students are able to complete UMKC degree requirements from any catalog that was in effect from the time you began initial enrollment on the condition that your enrollment at your previous institution was continuous from year to year — not counting Summer semesters — and your program has not been discontinued at UMKC.

Students work with their UMKC advisor to confirm and select the catalog and degree requirements that best maintain the student’s progress toward degree completion.

Transfer Guides are not yet available for all two-year institutions and all degree programs. If you do not see your institution or intended degree program listed, please contact the academic unit of your intended major for guidance.

All students can use Transferology to determine transfer course equivalency for UMKC.

How to Use Our Transfer Guides

  • Select your current institution
  • Select the academic year of the degree requirements you are following (typically the year you began enrollment at your current institution)
  • Select your intended degree program

Next Steps in the Transfer Process