Transfer Guides

What Are Transfer Guides?

Transfer guides are detailed, undergraduate four-year course outlines that inform you about the classes you should take and when to take them at your community college and at UMKC. Refer to the transfer guide for your community college to help you plan your classes now for a seamless transfer to UMKC. 

These guides are not a substitute for academic advising. Please meet with your current advisor at your community college to discuss your program and courses. Once admitted to UMKC, you will meet with your Roo Advisor to select the catalog and degree requirements that best ensure your progress toward your degree.

How to Use Our Transfer Guides

  • Select your current institution
  • Select the academic year of the degree requirements you are following (typically the year you began enrollment at your current institution)
  • Select your intended degree program
  • We recommend that you refresh your browser when navigating from one guide to another