Highlights From the First Week of Classes in Fall 2020

Photos show the new normal at UMKC as classes get underway

Kangaroo Pantry Aids Roos in Need

Recent updates to the pantry include fresh produce and client choice model

Take a Campus History Tour

Chris Wolff shares his research on UMKC through the decades

Jeff Rydberg-Cox Is First Scholar-in-Residence at Linda Hall Library

Curators’ Distinguished Professor supports Kansas City scholars

Mechanical Engineering Student’s Art Based on Research Selected for Auction

Mahsa Yazdani’s ‘Droplets as Continents’ chosen for annual BioNexus KC Science2Art event

Environmental Science Student Gains Perspective with NASA

Grant Verhulst shares his internship experience

Photo Spotlight

Disaster Informatics to the Rescue

Harnessing the power of AI to aid disaster relief

Upgrading Auto-pilot to Save-a-Pilot

Researcher looks to computer modeling to enhance aviation safety

Asthma Sufferers May Breathe Easier

UMKC researchers are working on the technology behind a noninvasive device that would monitor for symptoms

"For me being a first-generation college student, none of my family members knew anything about college or knew the struggles or challenges...But having a mentor has helped me tremendously. She has given me her firsthand experience about how she dealt with similar situations as well as her mistakes." (Photo taken pre-Covid)

Edith Moreno

Theatre '16