Wireless Connectivity


The following instructions are written to assist users with connecting to UMKCWPA or eduroam on an Android Device. The screenshots included were taken from Google's "AOSP" platform, but should be very similar to HTC, Samsung, LG, and other
Android flavors.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the quick settings menu. Then click the Wifi button.




  2. Select the wifi network you want to connect to (either UMKCWPA or eduroam).




  3. A page should appear to configure the connection. Fill in the fields with the appropriate info and select Connect.


    *Please note that some versions of android will only have "(unspecified)" under the CA certificate field. For these devices, the domain field can be left blank.


    • EAP method = "PEAP"
    • Phase 2 Authentication = "MSCHAPv2"
    • CA certificate = "Use system certificates"
    • Domain = ""
    • Identity = (Your UMKC Username)
    • Anonymous identity = (Leave Blank)
    • Password = (Your UMKC Password)



  4. Upon a successful login, the connection should appear as Connected.




*Please note: that configuration of UMKCWPA or eduroam on an Android device requires the PEAP EAP method, and MSCHAPv2 Phase 2 Authentication. Most modern Android based phones have support for these protocols. However, some Android manufacturers do not utilize these protocols and cannot be used on the UMKCWPA or eduroam networks.

Please contact the IS Technology Support Center at (816) 235-2000 with any questions or concerns.