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Qualtrics General Information

Qualtrics Qualtrics is the industry-leading provider of Online Survey Software. Online surveys have never been easier. Qualtrics Research Suite software makes it easy to master customer insights. These insights drive strategy and are used to anticipate the needs of customers. And with happy customers, everyone wins.

Qualtrics Overview

Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys. If you want to distribute a one-time survey, or surveys that don’t need to be tracked as part of a large, multi-survey project, Qualtrics is the tool to use.

Why Use Qualtrics?

  • Widely used for academic research and market research.
  • Large array of question types, including “basic” types (multiple choice, text, sliders) and specific types (heat maps, constant sums, timers, file attachments).
  • Highly customizable survey appearance.
  • Multiple sharing settings make it easy to collaborate with colleagues on surveys.
  • Advanced conditional logic tools allow for complex experimental designs and user-tailored survey paths.
  • Ability to translate a survey to multiple languages.
  • Ability to add scoring to a survey; can be used to create quizzes for courses or compute subscale scores on psychometric questionnaires.
  • Built-in email distribution capabilities; can send reminder emails to non-responders and thank-you emails to responders.
  • Ability to export data as an SPSS data file (*.sav), comma-delimited file (*.csv), text file (*.txt), HTML, or XML.
  • Qualtrics is available to all UMKC faculty, staff, and students.
Qualtrics is available to all UMKC faculty, staff, and students.

Setting Up Your Qualtrics Account

Access to Qualtrics is controlled by your UMKC user name and password. Use the web browser of your choice to go to and log in. You can start your first survey from there.

Qualtrics Add-ons

Qualtrics offers additional functionality through optional add-ons that are not included in the Qualtrics Research Suite. Some of the more popular options include:
  • File Upload - The File Upload question type allows respondents to upload a file along with their survey response. Using File Upload, you can collect data that may not be available through standard survey questions. Learn more about File Upload.
  • Offline Surveys - Qualtrics Offline Surveys allow you to administer surveys on your mobile device without an internet connection. Responses can be collected in the field on your mobile device and then uploaded back into Qualtrics as soon as you have an internet connection. Learn more about Offline Surveys.
The Research Suite add-ons are licensed independently at one of the following levels:
  • Lab Access (1-5 users within the same lab or department) $1,000/year
  • Department Access (all users must be within the same department) $1,500/year
  • College Access (all users must be within the same college) $2,500/year
  • University $5,000+/year

Learn to Use Qualtrics

Qualtrics offers a plethora of instructional resources on their website including Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps which will take you through: Survey Basics, Practice Survey 1, Best Practices, Advanced Survey Building, Practice Survey 2, and Comprehensive Review.


If you require support with an existing service, would like to request a new service, or wish to report an outage, please contact the IS Technology Support Center.