Hardware Procurement

Purchasing Consultation

    Our core responsibility is to find cost-effective ways for faculty and staff to get the technology equipment and services they need to be successful in their roles at UMKC. Whether it be an academic, administrative or support position, we all rely heavily on a robust and sustainable IT environment.

    We strongly believe that pre-purchase consultation is a key success factor in building and maintaining this environment. Through consultation we achieve an increased awareness of our customers' technology needs and business goals and help you to navigate the various approval processes that may apply to your purchase request.  This understanding and relationship allows us to work together on a solution that not only represents a good value proposition, but also avoids purchasing pitfalls that can burden, delay, introduce incompatibilities or create additional costs when communication and planning are lacking. 

    We invite anyone charged with acquiring IT systems and components to work with us early and often!  For IT hardware (computers, cell phones, printers and and related peripherals), please email or call our business technology analyst, Monte Churchman, at 816.235.1444.


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Standards & Recommendations

Workstation Replacement Program

    The Workstation Replacement Program (WRP) is a crucial component in the maintenance and continuous improvement of UMKC's IT environment. The goal of the program is to provide a coordinated, cyclical replacement of aging computers on a four- or five-year lifecycle. This program has proven to be a cost-effective, efficient way to create a robust, standardized and sustainable computing environment for UMKC faculty and staff.  Originally designed to encourage the responsible lifecycle replacement of computers for the division of Academic Affairs, the program now invites all campus departments to take part and enjoy the cost savings we find in this large bulk purchase.  To learn more about the program, check out the WRP Ordering Site FAQ for more information or contact Monte Churchman at or 816.235.1444.