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The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) provides an email account to its students. UMKC encourages the appropriate use of email by students to further their educational goals. As a condition of access, all use of UMKC resources must be in accord with all laws, University policy, University contracts, and any policies specific to a resource utilized.

The UMKC student email has an address ending in This is the account used for University business and official University communications to students via email. Students are expected to regularly check their UMKC account for University communications and are responsible for communications sent to this account. Students may use their Microsoft 365 email account at their discretion for personal use as long as the usage is in compliance with the University's Acceptable Use Policy (110.005). Forwarding email to a personal external account is prohibited by the University Email Management Policy.

Student email accounts will be locked 12 months from the end of the last term enrolled. Locked accounts will have all content deleted 21 days after the lock date. Students can request an extension for reasons associated with continuation of their degree program; to facilitate job searches; or for other reasons as documented in the online request form. Former students receive this request form near the end of their 12 month grace period. A one-time one-year extension can be granted to those who qualify. After the one-year extension has expired, the account will be deprovisioned according to the Email Management Policy (listed below).

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