UMKC Password/Security Registration Information

UM campuses are adopting a more secure verification process to better protect personal data and University systems. In order to do so, all UMKC faculty, staff and students are required to register their security information in the Secure Authentication Toolkit. Current faculty, staff and students should select the Register your Security Data button below to register their data. The New User Activation process (below) now prompts new users to register so that it does not need to be done separately.

Everyone is encouraged to register as soon as possible. Once your registration is complete, you’ll be able to use these new tools to reset your UMKC password.

For more information please visit the UM System Secure Authentication Toolkit FAQ.

If you have questions, please contact the UMKC IS Technology Support Center at 816.235.2000 or email at

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New User Activation (Faculty, Staff, and Students)
New User
  • Click on New User Activation button
  • Enter your UMKC Username and hit submit
  • Select either the email or phone option to receive authentication code
  • Enter code received
  • Start New User Registration process
  • Enter preferred phone number(s) and an external email address
  • Answer 5 security questions and 1 optional helpdesk verification question of your choice then select Save
  • Start setup for new user password by entering your UMKC Username
  • Select option to receive authentication code and enter code received
  • Enter new password and select submit
  • Process is complete when you are sent to the Secure Authentication Toolkit webpage

Register your Security Data (Faculty, Staff, and Students)
Register your Security Data
  • Enter your University username and password.  Click submit. 
  • Enter data in the following fields: Mobile/alternate phone (for text), work/home phone, external/non-University email (alternate address). 
  • To complete user registration, you must answer 2 knowledge based questions.  If you would like to change a question option, use the pull down menu on the question field and select from a new set of pre-approved questions. Please note that IT Support Personnel cannot see answers to your knowledge based questions, only the helpdesk verification question. This will be used for identity verification in the case that you contact the Technology Support Center for password assistance.  
  • Once you have answered all 6 questions, click update.
  • You will receive a message in your browser stating "You have successfully updated your information." and will receive an email stating your account has been updated. 

Reset your UMKC Password (Faculty, Staff, and Students)
If you have forgotten your password or your password has expired, click the icon below. To read through the process for setting a forgotten password, go here or view the instructions below on the right.
Reset your UMKC Password
  • Enter your University username.  Click submit. 
  • You are prompted to choose a delivery method for your passcode.
  • Select your preferred delivery option and wait for the passcode to be delivered.
  • You will be prompted to enter the passcode in your web browser.  Type the passcode into the field and click submit. 
  • On the password setup screen, you are provided your USERID for confirmation. 
  • Type in a new password ensuring you follow the password requirements.  Click submit. 
  • Once successful, you will be presented with the following message in your browser window: Password has been successfully changed.
  • You will receive an email notifying you that your password has been changed. 

Set or Reset your Office 365 Email Password (Alumni Only)
O365 Password
  • If you are an alumnus and don't know your Office 365 student email password, use our Office 365 Password reset tool
  • Log in with your UMKC Username and Password
  • When prompted enter a new password for your student O365 email account.

Register Your Yubikey Hardware Authentication Device (Optional)
  • Purchase a Yubikey from Yubico, Amazon, or any other University Trusted Site.
  • Register your Yubikey with the University.
  • Once setup is complete go to to verify it is working. “Yubikey Device” should be listed as a delivery method for your passcode.

Setup One-Time-Passcode App (Optional)
  • Check your device's app store.
    • Apple: SecureAuth Authenticate
    • Android: SecureAuth Authenticate
    • Windows: SecureAuth Passcode
    • Blackberry: SecureAuthOTP
  • Download and follow prompts on the installer. Note: In order to use some of the authorization features, you must have your notifications enabled for the application on your device.
  • Click begin setup button.
  • Enter Click enroll.
  • Enter your University username and password. Click submit.
  • Select your preferred 2FA passcode options: email, voice, or SMS/Text
  • Enter the passcode you received and click submit.
  • Create a 4 digit PIN. Congratulations! Your account has been created.

Password Best Practices - Additional information on best practices for selecting and managing your password.

By using your UMKC Username to access UMKC services, you are agreeing to ALL Acceptable Use Policies and guidelines listed at