About Information Services

AcronymWhat it really meansBrief Description
4DData Dashboard Definitions Development 
ACEAmerican Council on Education  
ACUPAAssociation of College and University Policy Administrators  
AIMSAutomated Issuance Management System Parking system for keeping track of tickets
AMPAcademic Mapping and Planner  
ASASOCAcademic and Student Administrative Systems Oversight CommitteeOversees all student related applications
ASBAdministrative Systems BudgetCollection of all the Servers, security, HR, Finance, Student, etc. things that the UM IT covers
BIABusiness Impact AnalysisThis Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is developed as part of the contingency planning process for PeopleSoft Student Administration.
BPMBusiness Policy Manual 
CBORD World's leading provider of campus and cashless card systems, food and nutrition service management software, integrated security solutions, nationwide student discount and commerce programs, and housing and judicial process management software
CIOChief Information OfficerCampus CIO
CMContent Management 
CRMCustomer Relationship Management 
CRRCollected Rules and Regulations 
CSMCampus Solutions ManagerRegistrar or Director on each campus responsible for PeopleSoft (student)
CRIComprehensive Retention InitiativeSubcommittee of ASAOC responsible for student retention solutions
DAMSDigital Asset Management System 
DARSDegree Audit Reporting SystemVerifies course required for degree completion
DATSDatabase Administrative and Technical Services TeamEAS DBA team responsible for server, database and security maintenance
DoITDivision of Information TechnologyThe overarching umbrella for EAS support
DRDisaster RecoveryResponsible for back of systems.
DRPDisaster Recovery PlanBack of production systems
EASEnterprise Application ServicesOffice that oversees all ERP systems
EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse  
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning 
FIMForefront Identity Manager 
GosGeneral OfficersChancellors, Provosts
HSCPHigh School College Program 
HRMHuman Resource Management 
IAPInternational Academic Programs 
IRInstitutional ResearchOffice responsible for analytical studies
IRAPInstitutional Research, Assessment and Planning - no longer actually an office. 
IRBInstitutional Review Board 
IRPIncident Response Plan 
ISIRInstitutional Student Information Records 
ITILInformation Technology Infrastructure Library It is a practical, no-nonsense approach to the identification, planning, delivery and support of IT services to the business.
ITSMIT service management Implementation and management of quality IT services
MILMissing Information LetterFinancial aid business process
MISManagement Information Systems 
MLCMissouri Learning Commons 
MOOCMassive Online Open Course 
MRTIMissouri Reverse Transcript Initiative 
MTDMaximum Tolerable DowntimeAmount of time a ERP system can be down
NACADANational Academic Advising Association  
NACUBONational Association of College and University Business Officers 
NCATNational Center for Academic Transformation 
NCESNational Center for Education Statistics 
OEIOperational Excellence Initiative Committee that oversees project work and priorities between all ERP systems/divisions
PECProgram Evaluation Committee  
POCPoint of ContactPerson responsible for projects, ERP or offices
RPORecovery Point Objective 
RooWriter (WEPT) Replacement for Written English Proficiency Test
RTORecovery Time Objective 
SaaSSoftware as a service 
SAEM Student Affairs and Enrollment ManagementDivision of Student Affairs
SAPSatisfactory Academic ProgressProcess for financial aid to ensure student eligibility for aid based on degree progress
SLA Source Licensing Agreement  
SPMOStrategic Project Management Office Office responsible for management of UM System projects
SSOSingle Sign OnUser ID for authentication
SSNSocial Security Number 
UACUniversity Assessment Committee  
UBCUniversity Budget Committee 
UCCUndergraduate Curriculum Committee  
UMAOUniversity of Missouri Academic OfficersProvost's representatives