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Log into your UMKC Box account here.

As a university faculty or staff member, you have a Box account with 50 GB of space for storing your important data. There are many ways to access Box, so whether you are using a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet, your data is always close at hand. For instance, you can work with your files via a web portal, or you can open them directly from within Microsoft Office, depending on which method is most convenient.

Box makes it easy to share individual files or entire folders with anyone, whether they are affiliated with UMKC or not. Tell Box what you want to share and give it the email address of one of more colleagues. Box reaches out and gives those users the information they need to see only the data you wish to share.

Box Website

By logging into the Box website you can mange all of your documents stored in Box and who you have possibly shared the documents with. Using the Box website you can also preview documents stored in Box, select what files you want to sync, create a share link, and invite or remove collaborators. You can log into your UMKC Box account here.

Box Sync

If you are looking to keep a copy of selected files updated between Box and your computer and you will want to use Box Sync. With the Box Sync application you can access files and make edits directly from your computer, and the updated versions are copied to your Box. If you make a change to a document from your Box and chose to have the file sync to your computer, it will be updated the next the next time Box Sync connects to box. You can also edit documents offline and the next time you sync the versions will be updated. Box Sync works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Box Sync can be installed by your IT Liaison or by contacting the IS Call Center. Once Box Sync is installed the first time you login you will be prompted to configure Box Sync.  The below screenshots are from Windows but look very similar on Mac OS.

  1. Click on "Use Company credentials"
  2. Type your UMKC E Mail address and click "Log In"
  3. Type your UMKC SSO and Password and click "Login"

Now that you have successfully connected with Box Sync a folder will have been created at C:\Users\<username>\ Box Sync for windows and at <username>\Box Sync for Mac OSX.   Any files you move into that folder will be available for you to use with any of the Box tools.

For additional resources on Box Sync check out the Product Overview.

Box Edit

If you are a user on the go working from multiple computers, Box Edit is the tool for you. Box Edit lets you start from the web to create, edit, and save files using applications already installed on your computer. Once you have saved a file with Box Edit it will replace the existing version automatically. Box Edit is already installed on your Windows computer if you see the icon in the taskbar. On Mac OS there is no Box Edit icon.

If Box Edit is not installed you can contact your IT Liaison or the IS Call Center to have it installed. Box Edit will need to be installed on each computer you plan on using. To use Box edit click on the 'Edit' button on any file preview.  This process is the same for both Windows and Mac.


Box for Office

By installing Box for Office you can create, modify, and share documents directly from the file menu in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Box for Office includes Box for Outlook that allows you to save attachments to Box as well sending attachments as Box shared links. Box for Office can be installed by your IT Liaison or by contacting the IS Call Center. Once Box for Office is installed you will need to connect by:

  1. Selecting Box from the Open file menu in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  2. Click on "Use Single Sign On (SSO)"
  3. Enter your UMKC Email Address and click "Continue"
  4. Type your UMKC SSO and Password and click "Login"

Now you are connect to Box. Click Browse Box to open your files from Box

Currently there is not a Mac version of Box for Office but you can use Box Sync or Box Edit.

Box Mobile

For those users on the go Box offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. With the app from Box you can:

  • View your files and folder
  • Create new folders
  • Invite collaborators
  • Send a shared link
  • Download files for offline use
  • Upload photos directly from your mobile device

Box Basics

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