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Sharing and Collaboration


Sharing vs. Collaboration

What is the difference between collaboration and shared links?

Sharing in Box is sending a person or people a link to a file or folder.

  • The recipient can view and download the shared file. They can also send this link to any other person, allowing that person to view or download the file as well.
  • The recipient cannot edit or overwrite the shared file in the Box account - they have "read only" access to the file.
  • The recipient does NOT need a Box account to view or download the file.

Collaboration in Box lets you send an invite link for a file to a person.

  • You can send a collaboration link for a folder only - not an individual file.
  • The recipient of the link can add, edit, and delete as well as upload and download any and all files within the collaborative folder, depending on the type of collaborative access you give the recipient.
  • A recipient MUST have a Box account in order to collaborate.
  • A recipient DOES NOT need a UMKC Box account - you can collaborate with any Box user, inside or outside the University system.


What is the default access for a collaborator?


Default collaborative access is that of an Editor, which allows add, edit, and delete rights, as well as upload and download capability. More information about collaboration access levels can be found on the Box website.



What is the default behavior when sharing Box files?


When you create a shared link, the default is set to allow anyone who has the link access to the content. You can change this setting, as well as others, when you share a file by adjusting the settings in the dialog box:




What do the folder icons mean?


Folder icons in Box are designed to help you determine at a glance the folder's sharing or collaboration state.


Icon Description
Set as able to be viewed and accessed by others or that someone at UMKC as set to be accessible by you.
One that is synchronized with your desktop PC. This can be blue if shared or yellow if private.
Personal folder, owned by you and not shared with anyone.
Owned by someone outside of UMKC.



How do I...

How do I manage collaborators?

Box has some great information about managing collaborators on their website.

How do I find more information about Collaboration and Sharing with Box?

The University of Missouri-Columbia has put together a good video related to collaboration and sharing.

The Box website has many resources available related to Collaboration and Sharing. Some useful articles include:

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