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Box Terms of Use Policy


Terms of Use for University Employees:

This service has been approved by the University and may be used to store data classified as DCL 1, 2, or 3 according to the University’s Data Classification System. The service may be used to store other data classified as DCL4 including HIPPA data, BUT ONLY AFTER OBTAINING PERMISSION FROM THE INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER.

By using this service, you agree to comply with all applicable University policies including, but not limited to: * CR&R 110.005 Acceptable Use Policy * BPM 1201 Management, Access and Use of IT Resources * BPM 1203 Information Security * BPM 902 Records Management – General Policy (as well as other applicable records management policies and guidelines) * The University’s Information Security Program

You may only grant access to non-University users who have a legitimate need to access the data and you will give such users appropriate instructions on their obligations to protect and keep the data confidential. You must revoke their permission immediately if they use the site in an inappropriate or unauthorized fashion or they no longer have a legitimate need to access the data. User permissions should be reviewed at least annually to be sure that these requirements are met.


Box Account Provisioning and De-provisioning

  • Box accounts will be provisioned for all faculty/staff members.
  • Box accounts are de-provisioned when faculty/staff members are no longer affiliated with UMKC.

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