Will Shelton

Will  Shelton
Admissions Counselor

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I work with: St. Louis and Illinois students 

Hometown: Stanhope, IA

Hobbies: I’m a nerd of all sorts. I enjoy board games, cooking, disc golf, movies, and encouraging my 2 kids to join me.

What you should know about UMKC:  The university combines amazing programs, and a location that provides opportunity to put your degree into action right away.  

What I love about Kansas City: There is so much to discover! From amazing sports, local food, scenic parks, and thriving arts KC has it all!

Advice for your college search: Don’t assume you’ll be told “no.” If you really want something, you can’t be afraid to apply or ask questions. The admissions team exists to help make college possible for you. Let us help! 

Virtual 1:1 Sessions

Chat with Will through video chat or phone. Use this link to register for a 1:1.