Aaron Vaughn

Aaron Vaughn
Admissions Counselor

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I work with: Kansas and Colorado

Hometown: Garnett, KS

Hobbies: I love swimming, going on long walks, playing video games, catching up on tv and movies, I also enjoy trying out new restaurants and going on adventures with my friends!  

What you should know about UMKC: Walt Disney himself drew the first Kasey the Kangaroo for UMKC, because he had ties with Kansas City.

What I love about Kansas City: Kansas City is well diverse and always has an event or two that is going on. I also love the rich history and art that the city has to offer.

Advice for your college search: Do research! Make sure the college you are looking at has what you are looking for as far as academics, class size, clubs etc. Sometimes it takes a college visit to get a real feeling about a college!

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